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Label Lamps

Primarc UV Technology has developed an extensive range of Label Curing Lamps.

From our comprehensive selection we can provide lamps suitable for most systems including Gallus, GEW, Ko-Pack, Mark Andy, Nilpeter and Sanjo.   Our continuous policy of research and development sees this range grow daily.  In addition, we can design a lamp to meet a customer’s specific requirements if required.

Although the most popular lamp types have traditionally been mercury, Primarc have an increasingly wide range of Metal Halide versions that have been developed in line with the trend to use a varied spectrum of UV curable coatings and inks in the label printing process.  The addition of metal halides creates a shift in the spectral output of a standard lamp, producing longer wavelengths.  These longer wavelengths enable a greater depth of cure to be achieved, making them particularly useful in the curing of pigmented and thicker coatings.

Primarc label curing lamps are hand-crafted from the finest quality materials available.  Each piece of quartz is monitored for size and specification from the first stage of manufacture through to testing packing.  Components are manufactured using the highest-quality materials, ensuring long and reliable lamp life.

The Primarc Quality Standard ensures that each lamp is not only manufactured to the most stringent of specifications, but also lamp performance is consistent each time, every time.

Not only can you rely on our lamps, but you can rely on the Company and its quality of service to support you when you need it. Our knowledgeable Sales staff is always on hand to offer advice and assistance and are backed-up by our Technical Department, recognised experts in their field.

The table below illustrates some of the common label lamps supplied by Primarc.

Many more types are available on request.




PM 286


PM 288


PM 446


PM 287


PM 1651





PM 1190

170/180 Top

PM 1189

170/180 Bottom

PM 421


PM 2056





PM 378

B 200

PM 377

B 200

PM 1214

B 280




PM 1907

1282 AFCD

PM 1562

663 AFCD

PM 1718

662 AFCD

PM 2149

1079 AFCD


Please complete a lamp identification sheet so that an equivalent lamp may be identified and offered.

Applications List

  • Narrow Web

  • Labels

  • Stickers

  • Die-less foiling

  • Silicone Release

  • PSA’s

  • Film Lamination

  • Holographics

  • Scratch off

  • Over varnish