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Metal Halide Lamps

In addition to a broad range of medium pressure mercury arc lamps, Primarc is continuously developing a series of spectrally enhanced metal halide versions.

Metal halide lamps are mercury vapour lamps with metal halide additives which create specific wavelengths of ultraviolet radiation to precision- match the photo-initiator being cured.  The addition of metal halides creates a shift in the spectral output of a standard lamp, producing longer wavelengths. These longer wavelengths enable a greater depth of cure to be achieved, making them particularly useful in the curing of pigmented and thicker coatings.

Metal halide lamps are increasingly used in the printing industry as well as in a wide variety of industrial applications such as the production of printed circuit boards, electronic components, fibre optic cables, CD’s/DVD’s and wood products.


A mercury-vapour lamp has the spectral output shown above.

For applications where a different wavelength of UV is required, the spectral output of a standard lamp can be shifted to different wavelengths by utilising energy transfer from the mercury atoms within the arc to another material added during manufacture.  The spectra of some spectrally-enhanced lamps are shown below

While Primarc lamps are manufactured as equivalents to makes such as Hanovia, Heraeus, Superior Quartz, IST, Eltosch, Hoenle, Grafix, GEW, etc, it is important to identify the specific lamp for your UV drying system.  Please complete the lamp identification sheet so that an equivalent lamp can be identified.


Applications List

Print proofing

Metal Decorations

Business forms


Graphic arts



Scratch off


Adhesive bonding

Metal decoration

Pipe coating

China / Porcelain

Curing decorative adhesive transfers and screen applied inks/varnishes
Decorative Glaze



Printed Circuit Boards

Solder resist mark
Mark printing
Engraving and plating resist


Fibre Optics

CD/DVD Production

Curing of printing inks
Curing of protective lacquers
Curing of DVD bonding resin