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Cooling Tubes

In addition to manufacturing an extensive range of ultraviolet curing lamps, we also produce and supply high quality replacement quartz cooling tubes for both water-cooled and air-cooled systems.

Cooling tubes are designed to filter out infra red radiation and are mounted between the UV lamp and substrate.  Using cooling tubes on lamp heads for drying ink between the application of different colours offers a major advantage.  The benefit of minimal heat on the substrate will minimise the potential of registration difficulties.  The tubes filtering out the IR radiation also ensures that the machine never gets too hot or heat damaged.  The use of cooling tubes is particularly valuable therefore when printing on heat sensitive and light-weight substrates such as plastic, foil and film.

Whilst requiring minimal maintenance, cooling tubes need to be kept clean to maximise performance.  Keeping the tubes clean is straightforward as there is normally no air extraction over the tubes to introduce contamination.  The tubes can be maintained in peak condition by occasionally cleaning with a soft cotton cloth doped with isopropanol.  In order to maintain the purity of the tubes, only de-ionised water should be used in water filtered systems.

We supply competitively priced, custom-made cooling tubes for almost all known UV drying systems.  Please contact us direct for further details.