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Extensive Range of Lamps

Primarc® UV curing lamps are designed and manufactured as direct replacement lamps or to meet the specific needs of original equipment manufacturers world-wide.  From our extensive range of lamps – mercury, metal halide, electrodeless – we can meet virtually all your UV curing requirements.  We can also work with you to develop a lamp and transformer power supply for your individual needs, even for the most complex of applications.

Pioneers in UV Curing Technology

Primarc UV, a pioneer brand in UV curing technology since 1970 is recognised as a leading product in the field. Specialising in the manufacture of handcrafted, high quality ultraviolet curing lamps, our US and UK locations are among the world’s largest specialty UV lamp manufacturing facilities. Primarc UV Curing Lamps are supplied directly to original equipment manufacturers, value-added resellers and select endusers, throughout the world.  In addition, Primarc UV Curing Lamps are distributed world-wide as a brand of Baldwin Corporation, a global provider of pressroom automation products.

Wide Variety of Industrial Applications

The continuous research devoted to UV technology over the last few decades has accounted for its development from a technological innovation into a widely-used process for printing and coating surfaces.  As the technology has advanced, the UV market has dramatically expanded and now includes a wide variety of industrial applications, ranging from the curing of inks and coatings for quality print, to applications in wood, glass and plastic finishing, metal decorating, fibreoptics, CD manufacturing and electronics.