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About Primarc

Primarc is a leading global supplier of UV curing lamps and transformers having been involved in ultraviolet technology (UV) since 1970. With offices and manufacturing plants in Berkshire (England), and Pennsylvania (USA), Primarc products are supplied to original equipment manufacturers and end-users worldwide.

The Primarc brand contains an extensive range of Medium Pressure Mercury and Additive Arc Lamps, hand-crafted from high clarity vitreous silica (quartz) and manufactured to produce high-intensity UV radiation.  Microwave-energized bulbs are also produced under the Primarc® brand and are used in a variety of UV curing applications including paper, wood, glass and plastic finishing, metal decorating, fiberoptics, CD/DVD manufacturing and electronics.

The Primarc Research and Development department work constantly to develop new uses for UV curing and improve existing products, while our continuous improvement policy ensures we provide an unrivalled level of service to the industry.

Research and development over the last few decades has been a major factor in enabling UV to become an integral part of the manufacturing process in many industries throughout the world.  The Primarc reputation for innovation and reliable worldwide distribution, a product of its uniquely experienced British roots, has supported its service to Original Equipment Manufacturers, value-added resellers and select endusers, worldwide.

From the curing of inks and coatings for quality print, to applications in wood finishing, metal decorating and the electronics industry, Primarc has matched growing demand with the development and manufacture of its products and services. It is no idle boast that, besides having two of the world's largest specialty UV lamp manufacturing facilities, Primarc UV Curing Lamps encompass the most comprehensive range of products and services for UV technology - from a replacement lamp to a complete development package – found in any single company.

Primarc has achieved ISO9001:2000 registration from the British Standards Institute, in recognition for its quality systems.